Will Bexhill’s Independent councillors make a change?

From: Joe Yusuf, Mayo Lane, Bexhill

Re: Paul Minter – Independent on every issue? – Letters, May 24, 2019.

My simple question to each independent councillor: Can I buy you a drink?

The make-up of Rother District Council has drastically changed because that’s how people voted. Such a drastic change happened because those who voted for a new Independent councillor were clearly unhappy with their existing representation and clearly convinced that their new councillor would make a better job of it.

I am a fairly simple chap and don’t want to get bogged down in semantics. I want a local councillor who knows the area, is enthusiastic, will listen and come to a well thought out decision.

I certainly don’t want my local councillors to emulate the recent antics of the House of Commons.

Let’s celebrate the election of so many Independent councillors and look forward to a new, exciting and listening council.

As a voter and Independent supporter, I have no doubt that the Independents will have a positive effect on residents lives.

More power to their elbow!