A council could make savings

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Carole Woodland, Cooden Drive, Bexhill

Speaking at the town council meeting, Trevor Leggo, chief executive of Sussex & Surrey Associations of Local Councils, made it clear that although Bexhill might have to accept a slight rise in council tax to have a town council, such a council could also make savings.

Richard Farhall, town clerk of Rye Town Council, showed why Rye was pleased to have the services of a town council.

Without a town council, Bexhill might find itself at Rother’s mercy when cuts from national government come into force.

Other areas of Rother with their own town/parish councils should have their local services protected.

Will Rother target our toilets, vital to both young and old? Do you trust the Rother Cabinet, dominated by Maynard and his rural cronies, to make choices which are in Bexhill’s best interests?

New town councils have been very successful elsewhere, when the county and district council are committed to devolving not only services, but also assets to the town council.

If Maynard, Kenward et al continue to cling like barnacles to the no change ship, has the time come to chip some of them off in the Rother elections?