A village under threat

Ninfield village is not the only local village under threat from developers wanting to build what in the ‘old days’ would have been a small village in itself in its midst.

Our small village of Herstmonceux is under threat from developers who want to build 70 new homes, some for families so will have school age children presumably, on the one field used for community events on the outskirts of the village.

Hook’s farm in Hailsham is also threatened as the field of prime grazing pasture, which is currently rented by the Hook family, is due to be sold to developers for yet more houses and flats.

Saturation point has been reached in this part of rural Sussex and Geoffrey Bastin, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate’s words touched a chord in his letter to the Observer on February 5.

This beautiful and tranquil part of the world will be changed forever if we do not unite and add our protests to this outrageous Government ‘build and be damned’ approach as Mr Bastin outlined in his letter.

Sue and Gordon Barrell

Pippin Close

Windmill Hill