Age is a factor in driving ability

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Rob Green, Sea Road, Bexhill

Re: M. Burbidge’s letter from last week.

You managed to list a few instances of poor driving by younger drivers, well good for you, but we can all do that – like the old man who jumped the lights in Sackville Road as I was crossing the road and caught me a glancing blow because I was too slow to jump out of the way; 
or the old woman who was driving too close to the parked cars in Cantelupe Road and smashed a car’s door mirror, and when I approached 
her at the junction she claimed that she hadn’t realised she had done it; and let’s not forget the old woman who crashed into 
the laundrette in Sackville Road.

Yes some younger drivers drive dangerously – that’s because they are idiots.

Some older drivers drive dangerously – that’s because they are old.

Mike Lynott is absolutely correct that there needs to be compulsory testing once a driver reaches a certain age.