An alternative to Conservative

After reading Richard Topping’s letter last week regarding the foregone conclusion that the Conservative Party candidate in place of Greg Barker (the “Green Deal man”) will automatically be chosen to be with us for the next 35 years, I would like to point out that there is an alternative choice now.

If you do not want the National Health Service to be weakened by hiving off to private firms for profit to shareholders, or billions spent on the Trident replacement, the countryside endangered by fracking or vast swathes ruined by HS2, in the same way as our link road has ruined our beautiful Coombe Haven Valley, not to mention the worries about climate change, you now have a candidate to stand under the Green banner to represent the people of Bexhill and Rother.

If you care about these issues, and many more, please vote for Jonathan Kent, our local Green Party candidate.


Colebrooke Road