Bexhill should honour Spike Milligan with a statue

From: Frank Bailey, Wellington Street, New Zealand

Bexhill has had the reputation, perhaps undeservedly, as being the capital of the Costa Geriatrica.

One sure way to change this image would be to erect a memorial or statue to Spike Milligan, in much the same way as there is one on the Morecombe promenade honouring Eric – of blessed memory.

Spike has been laid to rest these many years but his humour is just as clever as ever it was. When looking at the Google clips recently it certainly shows that his humour has not dated as humour so often does and I was so convulsed with laughter st times that I nearly fell out of my bath chair.

I feel that his grave out at Winchelsea – where I pay homage every time I return to Hastings – does not do the great man justice.

Should any fan of his consider raising a public subscription I would gladly start the ball rolling. That he never received a knighthood when the likes of Bruce Forsyth did is a grave injustice to a multi-talented genius who in his time was the funniest man on the planet.