Big business in Bexhill

J.D.Wetherspoon’s spokesman Eddie Gurshon says, apropos their proposed conversion of the Redstack Playhouse into a gigantic pub, that parking for patrons is “not a massive deal” and, as you also report, that any parking area would be turned into a beer garden (Observer, December 26).

So, presumably, it’s not a “massive deal” where all those delivery trucks are going to offload? Or, when local businesses have to lay-off staff with resulting redundancy paymanets, that won’t be a “massive deal” either.

For the Wetherspoons of this world, none of these things matter for the simple reason that they won’t be the ones who pick up the tab. No, we the community and tampayers will have the privilege of paying these ‘externalities’ so casually strewn about by big business - as illustrated nationally by the owners of City Link.

We don’t need Wetherspoon since Bexhill is already generously servie in the line of restaurants and pubs. So why do they want to come here?

Stephen Jackson

Albert Road