Bureaucracy will be the end of me...

So, Monday’s bin not collected, try ringing Rother District Council a couple of times to complain - “all operators are busy”, listen to menu of options, then cut off.

Going in to town so pop in to town hall to make them aware of missed collection, (receptionist) ”You have to phone in or visit our website”, (me) “But I’m here now, telling you, can’t you inform the refuse dept?” (receptionist) “No we don’t have that capability here.”

Last Saturday went in to HSBC bank to close account and move funds into my Santander current account, assistant asked “Can I help?” Opened up my online file and set the wheels in motion, “Do you need I.D?” I asked (having about my person my passport and a utilities bill), “ No not necessary just your signature,thank you,that will proceed on Monday.”

Friday morning money not transferred, back to HSBC, ask lady teller “Where’s my money?” ”Sorry it’s still with us, would you like me to try and hurry it through?” (me, through gritted teeth) “Yes please” (her) “do you have any I.D.?”

I’m currently having a wheel repaired due to a huge pothole at the top end of Sea Road, and I am intending to make a claim against East Sussex county council, I’m sure that will be a lot more straightforward and successful...


Woodsgate park