Camera could cause accidents

I note with dismay the appearance of “Speed Camera” signs which have suddenly appeared like large grey daffodils on the Marsh Road in good time for April Fool’s Day.

However, this is no joke and I am not laughing.

I don’t think that excessive speed is the issue here. Instead it is poor driving practices where too often drivers drive TOO SLOWLY on this section (typically 40 mph) on what is a wide road that is nearly completely straight for about 2.5 miles!

By driving too slowly, tailbacks soon build up and frustrated drivers then try and overtake, too often resulting in a crash or a near miss.

Whereas 60 mph is the limit not the target speed, drivers should think about the consequences of their dawdling and drive at a speed that is appropriate and considerate to others.

Drivers who don’t feel safe above 40 mph should seriously think whether they should still be driving...

There is a finite amount of money available for our roads - the cost of a dozen or so speed signs takes money away from other road projects - you only have to drive along Woodsgate Park in Bexhill, for example, to see that it desperately needs a new road surface - the existing one can’t have been replaced in at least 20 years.


Peartree Lane