Clear up your dogs’ mess!

Today I walked round the pleasant road we live in. The sun was out with a suggestion of spring very soon. The gardens, even in their winter condition, were well-kept and the verges had been cut before the winter had set in. There are snowdrops and crocuses on some of the grass verges already opening their buds. How pleasant, I thought. No doubt some of the children living here will pick them.

Then, as I continued towards the beginning of the road adjoining Hastings Road, I was shocked and disgusted! On one short stretch of verge, of about 20 metres, there were no less than 17 separate dog faeces deposited on the grass and yes, you disgusting owners, I am aware of the difference between dogs’ and foxes’ faeces. Most of them are still formed, despite rain in the last few days. It is quite clear than you choose only this top part of the road where there is the least possibility of your being observed.

This letter is directed to you despicable owners who fail to clear up your own dog’s mess. And don’t do what one dog owner did recently; opened one of the council rubbish bins and deposited it there! Fortunately the householder saw what happened and told the dog owner in no uncertain terms to take it out!

Are you aware that there are children living in this road, who very shortly will be playing outside in this cul-de-sac?

Are you aware of the profound effect that contact has with dog faeces? It can and does lead to blindness, particularly in children, and to other very unpleasant symptoms.

Are you aware that you can be fined up to £1,000 for failing to clear up?

Are you aware of the disgust that you are generating?

We are NOT going to tolerate your filthy behaviour.

Lastly, to all you responsible owners, please continue to walk your dogs down our road. We love and enjoy seeing you and your variety of lovely dogs.

Hopefully other householders will take up the cudgels as we are doing and keep our lovely town clean and above all safe from a crippling and dangerous disease.

Mike Willis

Sandown Way