Clearer markings needed on road

Once again there has been an incident at Pevensey roundabout (on Sunday, September 6).

I do not know the full details but the sight of a car with the roof removed by the fire service, with ambulance and recovery vehicle present make me think that this was a serious accident.

This roundabout must be one of the worst for accidents and general traffic snarl ups on the A259, which when you consider it is part of the main coast road for the area has a worrying aspect.

Weekends can be mayhem on occasions with lines of traffic held up presumably caused by the seemingly very popular boot sale that takes place near the lane to Wartling.

A couple of weeks ago it was really bad with traffic heading for Wartling attempting to pass boot sale cars coming to a complete halt when they met other vehicles coming from Wartling.

The history of people trying to negotiate this roundabout is also a problem of long standing, some heading out from Little Common direction use the left hand lane on the roundabout to go toward Eastbourne when others use the right hand lane and this causes near misses on occasions with both sets of drivers believing they are in the right.

The police have stated that as the Eastbourne turn off is ‘past 12 o’clock’ that the right hand lane is correct for Eastbourne and the left for Pevensey and the immediate hairpin turn for the coast road back toward Little Common.

Why there are not adequate clearer markings on the roundabout to aid drivers especially as this is a busy and fast roundabout, I cannot understand but with the history of problems it seems that maybe some extra guidance of how to negotiate this seemingly awkward area would be most welcome.