Council never fails to amaze

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Michael Crotty, Shepherds Close, Bexhill

The audacity of our council never fails to amaze me, and the gall of its illustrious leader to blatantly insult the residents of Bexhill shows a total lack of courtesy, decency and moral judgement.

He didn’t consider enough of us were interested to merit sending out a leaflet to fully explain the ins and outs of Governance so that in a future referendum many more would understand and request freedom from his stranglehold on our town.

It was carefully voted out avoiding any mention that the reason was anything to do with cost, although the expense involved was quite specifically mentioned as unjustified.

Saturday, the reason for this hush hush approach became obvious... I, along with the rest of Bexhill/Rother, received a notice “commanding” me to confirm the current record held of my household in preparation for the electoral registration form, which I would receive separately. It carried a specific threat of a £1,000 fine for failure to comply!

This cost RDC to send out even if it was via HEF. Then there was the stamped addressed envelope for a postal reply... Costs money!

But this is only a prelude to another communication with the real electoral registration form inside... More money!

Plus of course, the mandatory return envelope... Again more money!

Yes Bexhill, you’re paying for this. It might be said to come from some obscure council fund but it still originates from your council tax. This is nothing short of childish behaviour.

“We won’t go to the expense of sending out information that could affect the lives of every resident of Bexhill, but we will to send out an electoral form ‘twice’ that asks the same questions?”

I have no doubt that the blame for this will be laid at someone else’s door.

Bexhill doesn’t need your unacceptable unilateral decisions which are ratified by the herd of sheep who obey your whistle.

Although I detected murmurs of dissent that too much of some government cash was going to Bexhill.

Good luck to D4B, Lets hope that your efforts will show that the people of Bexhill do want to run their town and for their benefit.