Crossing needs a coat of paint

I have had the questionable honour of living very near the pedestrian crossing on Sea Road.

So you could imagine how many near-misses of pedestrians and cars I’ve seen over the years.

In what I think is the most dangerous crossing in Bexhill.

Even on one day I had to phone up an ambulance because an old lady had got knocked over on the crossing.

There probabily has been more accidents that I am not aware of.

So now I am witness to the crossing become less visable to the motorists (who ignore it anyway) because it is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. Its more of a faded shadow of a crossing than a real one.

Now for myself I don’t mind this because I am well aware that no vechicle stops for pedestrians on the Sea Road crossing, so I cross very quickly and say a pray beforehand just in case I don’t make it to the other side!

However for the masses of people that do cross it I think the council should at the very least dust off a pot of road paint and re-paint it.


Sea Road,