Damage to grass verges

My pet hate of grass verge parking has hit new lows this last few weeks with a blatant churning up of the lovely verge near my home, by lazy horse owners.

The grass verge I’m upset about is near Freezeland lane, Ninfield Road. It has been destroyed by horse owners who now think its perfectly ok to drive 4x4’s on the footpath to feed their horses.

They have a field entrance, in Freezland Lane, but for reasons unknown, have made this a new entry point to the field.

This involves driving up a high kerb, driving over a footpath and feeding horses from the fence nearest the pavement side of their field.

No-one cares except the people who live nearby.

The Highways are unable to act, although why I don’t know. The police are powerless.

I have taken pictures of the registration numbers to the police who although are understanding are too busy, or understaffed to act.

I always understood that driving and parking on footpaths was against the law. Perhaps the law changed and it’s now a free for all!

This is upsetting for the elderly dog walkers locally who now find this path too dangerous to use.

But its not just here is it, its everywhere. I drive around and see this criminal damage all over the place. Don’t people care anymore?

Stephanie Beale

Jasmine Cottage

Ninfield Road