Demolition will cause disruption

I wondered if the residents that live in the area of Little Common Village, Collington Rise, as well as parts of Birkdale, are aware of the disruption and damage that may well occur if the proposed planning permission for demolition of the picturesque thatched cottage at the top of Collington Rise and Pinewoods is allowed to go ahead.

The proposed plan is for a four-storey block of flats plus garages.

It seems that, in order to lower the height of the building, the ground of the site would have to be dug out and lowered to accommodation what would be the ground floor.

Such an undertaking would involve knocking down a thatched house, digging out tons of earth, and building a four-storey block of flats plus garages.

This will need the use of much heavy equipment, and building materials. Can the residents in the afore mentioned areas, visualize the endless daily stream of lorries loaded with debris, soil, bricks and concrete etc needed to undertake such a task.

Marion Mckay (nee Godwin)

White Hill Ave