Did councillors bottle decision?

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Carole Woodland, Cooden Drive, Bexhill

Maths is not my strong point. Have a look at the figures and see if you agree with mine and then consider what conclusions you reach.

Only 350 residents out of the 35,000 electors in Bexhill voted to keep the status quo, whereas Bexhillians in their thousands voted for a town council.

One wonders, therefore, how the electors in the Bexhill wards of the Conservative councillors in the Community Governance Review Steering Group will be feeling about their performances at the recent meeting last Thursday.

‘Required to recommend to Cabinet via the Overview and Scrutiny Committee a future form of government for Bexhill to go forward to the Scrutiny Committee’, the six Conservatives decided to recommend all four options should go forward. Now does this seem to you these Conservative councillors bottled it?

Five Conservative councillors from Bexhill and one from outside sit in the Steering Group of nine and if it seems to you these Conservatives ducked their responsibility of reaching a decision, should sanctions not be imposed upon these Conservatives for this failure?

If they find it so difficult to make a decision now, does it not seem reasonable to deprive these Conservatives of a right to vote at full council on December 18?

One assumes their failure means that the Overview and Scrutiny, meeting at 4pm on November 27, will now have to make a recommendation. So what’s different there?

Will they be in a better position to make a decision given that three Conservative members on this committee come from Bexhill and seven come from outside Bexhill.

So, yet again the rural councillors in Rother will decide the future of our town.

So no change there you will be thinking.

Then of course it goes to the Cabinet at 11am on December 4 with its four Bexhill councillors and six rural councillors, before going to full council on December 18.

Please try to make some of the meetings and the D4B rally at 5.30 in Town Hall Square on December 18 to show these Conservative councillors how we feel about their performance so far.

Are we really expected to take these people seriously?

P.S. Look out for details of a public meeting at St. Barnabas’ Church on Saturday, December 2, starting at 11am.