Do Bexhill residents want change?

Following the debate in your letter’s page over the last four years and the debates at Bexhill Town Forum it seemed that the people of Bexhill wanted a change to the way the local council was run.

It looked as though they wanted a Bexhill Town Council, a bigger say in changes to the town, a radical review of the car parking and a more accountable Rother District Council.

I was therefore somewhat surprised that on Thursday the electorate of Bexhill returned more councillors from the controlling party and voted out several sitting members, and failed to elect any new members, who advocated many of the changes they appear to have wanted.

I have come to the conclusion that one of two things must of happened: 1: The Bexhill voters wanted things to stay as they are or 2: They didn’t realise what the local election was about and voted on national lines. I suspect that the latter is correct and that the Bexhill public will come to regret their decision over the next four years.

Hopefully the next time they have a chance to change things they will take it and not just moan about the status quo without taking positive action to change things.


Linden Road