Do we need more government?

I usually find myself agreeing with Tony Ashby,even down to our preferred style of beer but you have gone too far this week Tony.

Along with Diane Smith you support the idea of a town council, well I for one do not.

We already pay for three tiers of government and I certainly don’t think that paying for another would be cost-effective.

What would we get?

The same people toeing the same party lines that we already have and claiming yet more expenses.

Mr Maynard’s expenses alone are more than double my pre-retirement (four years ago) factory workers’ salary.

What needs to happen is a move away from this Leader and Cabinet system to one where councillors are free to vote in accord with their constituants wishes and not jump ship to an independent stance where they will never change policy.

I would go even further and suggest that we do away with district councils and govern locally at county level, particularly now that we see services being combined as cost saving exercises.

If I might be permitted further comment I note that a number of letters are published from sitting or prospective political representatives and they are entitled to their views but if they name a political party along with their name it is reasonable to assume this is an official view.

That being so, this journal should make it clear that their opponents have been given the opportunity to respond or they should pay to advertise.

I believe that the letters page is for people like me to have a rant in a serious but light hearted way.


Pembury Grove