Does hosptial suffer from admin problems?

Reading the lead story in the paper last week, I wondered if other people have had similar experiences to my husband and I at the Conquest.

Medical staff have shown themselves professional and caring, but the efficiency of administration has been questionable.

Two letters have been sent summoning you to the same appointment.

A telephone reminder is received and it is only when you put down the phone that you realise it is reminding you to come to the hospital on the same day as the letter said, but it is for three hours earlier and when you ring up, you discover you in fact are down for two appointments, when you only need one!

Have you been sent a letter which tells you to go to a certain department and sit down and wait until you are called, only to

find a medical member of staff coming from another department to find you, telling you that you are late, so you at first think you have lost the plot, until you produce the letter which shows someone else has lost it?

Or have you received a letter for an outpatient appointment with a consultant you discover, when you arrive for your appointment, he no longer deals with the condition being reviewed, requiring referral to another consultant who does treat the condition - time lost all round?

Are our hardworking medical team at the Conquest being held back by an unsatisfactory administration department?

It would be interesting to know about the experiences of others.


Cooden Drive