Don’t be fooled by this conman

I visited Bexhill last Friday, September 4, with a friend and very much enjoyed it especially the De La Warr building and the unusual houses along the seafront.

However, my friend and I were approached by a very respectable looking gentleman who told us he had locked his ‘phone wallet and car keys in his car, which was actually his daughter’s car, and he could not get back to Rye to pick up spare keys.

He was VERY convincing, knew the town we come from (Romford) very well, and that he used to live there, told us his wife had been killed there in a car crash some years ago and he had moved away to West London. He certainly knew Romford well.

He said he had tried to get a ticket at the station to take him to Rye but was refused as it needed a supervisor to give permission and there was not one there.

He said the AA said they would have to smash his lock and it would cost £400 to repair.

He seemed very genuine and seemed to be in despair so I lent him £10 which he promised to return to Langham Hotel in Eastbourne where we were staying the next day .

He never turned up and I realized that he was a con-man I am not usually so stupid, but was totally taken in by this man I just wanted to warn your readers in case he strikes again.

Probably not he same place twice.