Don’t be taken in with the adverting, I was misled

From: Carole Woodland, Cooden Drive, Bexhill

The government is concerned about limiting sugar in drinks. But what about those with artificial sweeteners? How much do we know about the effects of these and is the amount put into drinks controlled?

I was amazed recently when buying a well know brand of water, which said TOUCH of FRUIT, SUGAR FREE, LEMON and LIME NATURAL FLAVOUR’ on the front of the bottle. There was also reassuring images created by the writing on one side of the bottle.

What I expected was a lightly flavoured water, but what I got tasted sickly sweet and I have a sweet tooth!

It was only when I read the side giving the ingredients and encountered the word ‘sweeteners’ that I understood the sweet sickly taste.

Now this is exactly the kind of drink I might unwittingly have given to my grandson.

I think most mothers will be aware of this problem, but as a grandparent I was totally fooled by the advertising.

I would advise all to taste before they give and to always look at the ingredients.