Don’t let apathy win – have a say

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Tony Ashby, College Road, Bexhill

Bexhill must have a town council with all powers, despite what Rother District Council deem is good for us. It is time to remove the RDC yoke.

Have turkeys ever voted for Christmas? No, of course not: nor will RDC vote for the loss of power and revenue that a Bexhill Town Council will mean for it and will try to put as many obstacles in the path of Bexhill’s quest for democracy as it can.

Unlike all the other local towns or villages in Rother, Bexhill does not have a fair say in its own affairs and this must end. We must no longer live under the shadow of country squires contrary to what RDC would wish us to do. Times have moved on, let Bexhill move with it.

The second phase of consultations begins soon, make your voice heard – RDC will try to obscure this event so visit to keep up with the news.

Remember, apathy will give RDC the excuse to maintain the status quo.