Doomed cottage will be great loss

It is a great shame that the council is in the process of giving permission to a block of flats to be constructed at Pinewoods.

This would be in place of the thatched cottage that exists there. I am surprised this is not a graded building. It was the old gardener’s cottage next to the larger thatched property, which belonged to Lord Sainsbury.

It will be a great loss to the beauty of the crescent formed by Pinewoods and Collington Rise.

Already there are a number of flats that have been constructed there, and a number of cars on the sides. It used to be a secluded quite corner. The cottage has a notice at the gates for a number of flats and parking to be constructed.

It will be sad to lose a historic cottage!

Dr (Mr) Ajay Mehta, FRCS, MBA