Enough already

Am I the only one who gets tired of vacuous cliches from Rother DC? When is someone going to explain how the building of 100 plus houses in Pebsham is “vital to the future prosperity of the town” in detail? Sure, it will provide jobs during the building phase for the developers employees but after that?

More houses mean more people which means greater pressure on the infrastructure. That is, more pressure on schools, doctors, hospitals, water supplies, roads etc.. Who will pay for the extra infrastructure? The developers or us, the people of Bexhill? There is no need for me to answer that question.

So I ask again “what future prosperity” or is it future impoverishment?

However it does strengthen the case for a Bexhill Town Council even more where, at least, we would have some control over our destiny and stop our once elegant town becoming a “Sink Town”.

Tony Ashby

College Road