Film highlights everyday issues

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Alan Bearne, Chairman, Friends of the Orangery, Park Road, Bexhill

Many thanks go to the organisers and all those residents, families and friends who attended the very successful Oscars Night recently held at the Orangery extra care scheme in Sidley.

The highlight of the evening was the premiere showing of The Orangery documentary film directed and produced by three members of the Heart of Sidley Youth Media Group and starring residents of the Orangery, some using wheelchairs. The film highlights the dangers experienced in getting to the shops and other local facilities.

First residents are filmed trying to cross Buxton Drive with its speeding traffic and many potholes. Then they attempt to negotiate illegally parked vehicles, damaged kerbs, and uneven pavements. Quite often residents give up and turn back.

Interviews with residents in the film confirm their frustration of wanting to maintain their independence but not being able to get to the shops.

The end of the film was greeted with rapturous applause, as was the awarding of Oscar statuettes to all the film makers and the stars.

Now we want to show the film to ESSC councillors and note their response.

This project illustrates how well younger and older people can work together for a common cause that benefits all the community and I am confident that this is the start of many more joint projects to come.Many thanks go to Optivo for their support and providing refreshments.

However, most thanks goes to the stars and producers of the film and their mentor and supporter throughout the project, Shaun Tabener.