Future of UK is for us to decide

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Stephen Jackson, Albert Road, Bexhill

My, how the doomsayers cluck away.

The latest is the Resolution Foundation (plus a gaggle of economists) who say that Brexit without some sort of deal will add £930pa to shopping bills.

These latter-day Cassandras really should know better. Having failed to predict the catastrophic crash of 2007-08 right under their collective nose, assuring us that everything was fine – a la Francis Fukuyama and his ‘End of History’ – they can pronounce without a blush all manner of disaster over Brexit.

This latest nonsense has already been busted: there is huge scope for increasing our own food production – we used to be an agricultural country – and we also trade with non-EU countries.

The scare with the £930 is that it would hit the poor and unemployed; well, it sure wouldn’t hurt the wealthy.

The fact is that high poverty and unemployment/under-employment rates became the norm long ago as the result of neoliberal policies from Margaret Thatcher onwards.

The EU itself has been hijacked by the neoliberals which is why it signally failed to protect ordinary people and workers’ rights from ruthless economic and anti-union measures.

To cap it all, the catastrophe of 2007-09 was the direct result of their tomfoolery.

The bottom line is this: no deals, no half-measures, no compromise. The future of our country is for us to decide, we must never trade it away again.

Just one more thing: I was a little off-beam over Catalonia, but it occurs to me that if we vote for a town council, ie independence, will we be arrested for rebellion?