Help us protect our peaceful Bexhill beach

From: Stephen Atkinson-Jones, Collington Grove, Bexhill

We all fought long and hard to ensure that the seashore byelaws prevented such action and now, here we are again, having to explain and defend our beach.

The problem is that these machines are noisy and dangerous. They disrupt the local environment and are a major threat to the safety and tranquillity of the area.

The operators do not adhere to the rules and when questioned by the coastal officer; owners are threatening and abusive to him and ignore his warnings.

He in turn, then calls the police; who, surprise, surprise; do nothing.

To launch and recover these machines, they drive their vehicles and trailers all long the beach and once launched; they rarely adhere to the boat lane.

The council believes that by making this boat lane a lawful place for the jet skis, this will make the problem all go away. Wrong. If it was not policed properly before, why will it be so now?

In recent years, we made the beach into a village green.

It is the only beach village green in the country. We did this so that families could use it in safety and to prevent development. People could swim in safety. People could walk their dogs in safety.

It is one of the very few quiet safe beaches in the area with an unspoiled aura. It is a place where the wind surfers have returned, the fishermen have returned and the resident seal has returned; all since the ban on the jetskis.

Please help us to retain this very special place and do not allow it to become yet another playground for the few who spoil it for the many.

Please support us and write or email your local councillor.

Your support would be much appreciated and help protect this beach for generation to come.