Homes for local people

I would like to add debate to Steven Jackson’s letter 26th December regarding the Link Road and development.

I was at the link road inquiry and said the road if we have to have one should take the line of the old Sidley Crowhurst railway line replacing the Viaduct, they were more interested in not upsetting the hedgehog’s and frogs.

They also said the cost would be more, well at county council we have already given them another ten million, when the road eventually does open one will start in your car at the London Road end, then from Sidley your will hook up to a tractor, then towards Crowhurst you will get into a boat.

But the big issue is the awful housing they want to build.

If we wanted a new school would a developer build a school then try and sell it to us? No,

We would ask for an estimate or price, yet developers turn up and say I want to build here you try and stop me, if we need houses then why not get estimates for the job, and do we need a market that most people can’t compete with?

There are Middle Eastern buyers coming to London for a safe haven, they can pay several hundred thousand for a home in

Sussex, but the people of Rother/Hastings can’t pay that on their incomes,

We need homes for those people of Rother and Hastings.

May I invite readers to visit my website, Land Community Trust.

I have booked the St Johns Church Hall in Town Hall Square on Saturday January 24 at 2pm.

Let’s talk about options that Rother and developers don’t want to know about.

People power can change things.


East Sussex County Council.