I still don’t want it eating my fish

I was looking out of my bedroom window yesterday morning at about 7.45, when I saw this large black bird on my patio.

I went to put on some shoes, when the next thing I knew, the bird had hopped into my pond.

I had no idea what bird it was, only that I had to shoo it away before it completely cleared all the gold-fish – I knew it wasn’t a heron or egret and it looked just like some birds I had seem abroad.

I checked in my bird book and the nearest description was a ‘glossy ibis’.

It wasn’t until I visited friends last night and was checking something in the local paper, when I saw the picture of the ‘black Stork’ and knew immediately that was the bird in my pond yesterday morning trying to scoop out my gold-fish!

I live in Dalmeny Road – I wonder how many other ponds the black stork has visited.

I know now that it is of great interest, but I still didn’t want all my fish to be taken.