Independents can represent us

From: Stella Stone, Spindlewood Drive, Little Common

I find it quite disgusting that the proposed new Conservative councillors should now be using Cllr Earl’s name to support their manifesto.

This is opportunism at its worst and I hope that the residents around St Mark’s Ward treat it with the contempt that it deserves.

Cllr Earl was an Independent councillor passionately committed to supporting and promoting the views and desires of Little Common residents in particular. Conservative councillors, including the St. Mark’s Ward incumbent, were nowhere to be seen as far as proposed residential building developments around Little Common were concerned.

The manifesto talks about (1) stopping further development in Little Common, (2) delivering a bypass around Little Common and (3) securing improved local infrastructure.

My personal feeling is that with regard to stopping further development in Little Common – Conservative councillors and the planning department are clearly obsessed with delivering 3,700 dwellings within the Bexhill area by the end of 2028 via the Development and Site Allocation (DaSA) plan and do not care where these dwellings are sited as long as they meet this target.

To this end they have already agreed to 342 dwellings at Rosewood Park (off A259), despite great opposition from local residents, and the impact that this development will have on the residents of Barnhorn Road and all users of the A259. Further developments are now proposed at Ashridge Court (31) – now approved, Spindlewood Drive (160), Northeye (c35), Turkey Road (30), Fryatt’s Way (22) and potentially a new site off of Clavering Walk (99) all of which, if approved, will contribute to additional traffic, air pollution and huge stress on local infrastructure in and around Little Common and the A259.

Given that RDC’s Planning Committee comprises mostly Conservative councillors, what are the chances of the proposed new St Mark’s Ward Conservative councillors having any influence on this committee? Answer – None.

Little Common bypass – this has been under discussion for at least 25 years and is no nearer a solution, nor are there any prospects of it being implemented for at least the next 15-25 years.

Securing improved local infrastructure – Little Common Primary School is already at capacity and Little Common GP surgery is close to capacity, as is Collington surgery. Where are the proposals to address these issues?

Whilst I am sure that it will go against the grain for many local residents to change their voting habits in the forthcoming local elections, I feel that the only councillors capable of supporting the views of our local community are the Independent councillors.