Is it time to go, Mr York?

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Michael Healey, Alford Way, Bexhill on Sea

Like many residents of Sussex I have read this week the thoughts and ramblings of Mr Giles York Chief Constable of Sussex Police who sits in considerable splendour at Police Head Quarters in Lewes with his highly- inflated salary and pension and chauffeur driven car in addition to his staff officers.

I note his latest proposals for public service are warning the people of Sussex to not expect a response from the call centre in under seven minutes.

For the record, as a resident of Bexhill I have long experienced an absence of any response from Sussex Police.

I challenge Mr.York to produce Home Office guidelines on recordable offensives showing the numbers of attendances in the last year made by his officers.

I suspect a large difference, Mr York appears to have a problem with any matter that involves the general public having off loaded many police duties, thank God for special Constables, PCSOs and Neighbourhood Watch .

If he cannot or will not serve the public in accordance with the principles of the founder of modern policing , it is time for him to go.