It’s hard not to laugh at council

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Carole Woodland, Cooden Drive, Bexhill

I could count the number of times I have attended Rother council meetings on one hand. This is because when I go I feel like Lewis Carroll’s Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole.

The recent meeting of Rother’s Cabinet was no exception. Members from rural areas were complaining that their residents felt too much time and money was devoted to Bexhill.

If this is so, these residents should complain very bitterly to their councillors, as they are the ones who dominate the Cabinet, which makes all the decisions about Rother. This of course is also why Bexhill does not see keeping the status quo as fair to Bexhill. Our country cousins need to be aware that residents of Bexhill objected to the £80,000 spend on each of the carbuncle shower sheds on our sea front authorised by the councillors of our country cousins.

Then there was Cllr Maynard advising members of Democracy4Bexhill not to issue misleading claims about the likely cost of a town council. But he did not object when one of the country councillors chose to bandy about guesstimate figures.

A case of do as I say, not do as we do. Doesn’t Cllr Maynard realise those days are long gone and residents now use their own minds and challenge what they see as incorrect?

Councillors previously agreed that stage one consultation was to raise awareness of the issues and that a survey was not applicable until stage two.

However Cabinet have now voted not to have a leaflet drop to every Bexhill household, promoting the Stage two consultation.

How they intend to meet their stated targets obligations to inform the electors of Bexhill remains to be seen.

I have to confess, when they voted not to leaflet drop I had to stifle an urge to laugh out loud or at the very least giggle at this example of Rother’s democracy in action.

I was cowed by the thought the Red Queen might appear and say, ‘Off with her head!’

Funny things councils.