It’s time to ban cyclists from Bexhill Promenade

From: Stephen Jackson, Albert Road, Bexhill

In light of recent correspondence (letters, June 22 & 29) and from my own experience, I feel it is time to call for the reintroduction of the ban on cycling on the promenade.

The bottom line is that the risk to cyclists from motor traffic has become the risk to pedestrians from cyclists.

They have made their problem our problem.

As it is, the promenade is de facto already that cycle lane some cyclists are asking for.

I have lost count of the number of riders who automatically switch over from pavement or road – and back to pavement – even when traffic is light and there is plenty of room.

Bicycles, like electric cars, are virtually silent and no matter what their speed – very few cycle at a modest pace – they are faster than pedestrians.

Even though I am pretty fit and agile, I find myself looking round particularly when deviating from a straight path.

Twice I have seen riders lose control and crash.

I couldn’t care less about their injuries, but the second occasion happened among children playing.

Toddlers, whose movements are unpredictable, are particularly vulnerable, as are those adults who are less able.

Bit by bit, pedestrians are being squeezed into an evermore confined space.

The joy, relaxation of a stroll or outing is being wrecked in one of the few remaining places.

For the pedants among us, the word ‘promenade’ comes from the French se promener, ie, walk.