Law is broken by selfish drivers

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Mr L. Hill, Roedean Close, Bexhill

Up to a short while ago I was reasonably fit but I am now in the unfortunate position of needing a blue badge to enable me to legally park in designated disabled parking areas and get about.

Before being issued with said badge it never entered my head to even attempt to park in a disabled parking slot. In Western Road the disabled parking area was completely full – and only FOUR vehicles were displaying a blue badge.

However, I need to point out to all the selfish drivers who have no right, morally or legally, that by parking there they are breaking the law.

Unfortunately Bexhill does not have the luxury of a traffic warden (why I do not know!) so the perpetrators get away with it. I wish they could be named and shamed!