Let’s make 2019 time for a change of police commissioner

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From : Michael Healey, Alfford Way, Bexhill

With the dawn of a New Year and local elections looming, including that of Police and Crime Commissioner currently Ms. Katy Bourne, time has arrived for change.

Ms. Bourne has been selected yet again by a small cabal of Conservatives for re-election.

During her time in office, residents have seen Sussex Police adopt a policy of screening out 50 per cent of all crime, which means in simple terms ‘no action’.

Plus, Bexhill has been abandoned of a police presence both day and night.

It matters not what political party a new Commissioner comes from as long as that person has a real understanding of the needs of residents to see real policing on the streets.

I need hardly add Sussex Police as a force have much room for improvement after the recent drone debacle!

A peaceful year to all residents.