LETTER: Accept result and move on

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Keyboard SUS-160615-124004001

Has Marian Thornley (For those who want to remain, December 2) not heard of democracy?

What about the 52 per cent plus in Bexhill and Battle who voted to take back control of our country? How dare she pay such scant regard to their clear wishes.

The whimpering Lib Dems ‘won’ the Richmond West by-election with a narrow majority simply by playing the pro-Euro card, a sly, empty victory in a totally unrepresentative constituency that had voted 70/30 to remain in the referendum.

Taking Ms Thornley’s argument to its illogical conclusion, should there be a re-run of the Richmond West by-election as the majority was so small?

The UK has voted to leave the corrupt, undemocratic, gravy train of the European Union. Get over it remoaners.

Richard Coomber

Westcourt Drive


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