Letter: ‘Bexhill needs a town council’

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There was much debate about the Colonnade at last week’s meeting of the full council (February 26).

Following a question from a member of the public, not satisfactorily answered, we were treated to a potted history covering failed businesses, the £2.3 million makeover and the persistent problem of water ingress.

As I sat there watching and listening to the proceedings, it struck me more than ever how much we needed a town council.

None of the main speakers were from Bexhill, yet here they were committing more funding to what is rapidly becoming a white elephant, if it is not one already. Indeed, it is worth speculating whether a town council would be so enamoured with the Colonnade.

Half-jokingly, I suggested that we sell the Colonnade for £100 million and let some developer solve the problem for us! At least we would get some return for the millions that have been poured into a bottomless pit.

Either that, or demolish it.

Just one more thing. As a result of forthcoming withdrawal of government funding for local authorities, the council has approved borrowing of £35 million over 40-50 years. At the previous cabinet meeting, there was an amusing side to this when one councillor seemed aghast that a Conservative council should be borrowing at all!

Ironic, when you consider it is her own party which has unleashed neoliberalism on us, like a plague of locusts, for whom borrowing is a way of life.

Much more seriously, is the implication for a future town council. Simply put – how much of this £35 million (plus interest) would be borne by Bexhill?

Of course, in 40-50 years time, the effect of climate change and oil depletion will have radically changed the situation. Perhaps we should be putting all our resources into sea defences?

Stephen Jackson

Albert Road, Bexhill