Letter caused stress and worry

I live in Bexhill.

Unfortunately I was one of the 850 who received one of these ‘alarming’ letters in March.

As I had been referred to a neurologist by my G.P., you can imagine what I thought.

Fortunately I had been receiving excellent follow-up care following a spell in the Conquest Hospital in September last.

Again I could not have had better treatment

My GP had in no way intimated that this new appointment was urgent so I did not worry too much but thought I had better make enquiries after about six weeks when I was told that the leaflet was sent in error to me and many more.

The lady apologised and told me they were looking into the matter.

I then asked if my appointment was being dealt with and told that I was on the ‘routine list’.

Last week I received the letter of apology from East Sussex Healthcare but I still haven’t received my appointment!

What concerns me is that our local GPs and the Conquest Hospital are giving us really good care and attention but the administration part of appointments seems to be in a total mess thus causing 850 people (and maybe more) to undergo so much unnecessary stress and worry.