LETTER: Churches are still doing well

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What an interesting (but rather sad) letter from Mr Lynott (Observer, 9th December).

I agree that we do now have too many churches in Bexhill, and some have closed in the past few years, but his comment about a ‘dozen or so Christians’ who want to worship is miles from reality.

Some churches are struggling but others are doing very well. His thoughts do not fit in well with the Christian celebrations of Advent and Christmas when churches see a lovely influx of people – and not all of them are retired.

I attend Christchurch Methodist Church in Springfield Road, Bexhill and recently we have had a really packed church when the Christchurch Singers presented ‘Christmas Praise’ (which, incidentally, raised £1,000 for a local charity).

The next day saw our Junior Church presenting a wonderful modern Nativity play during our well attended morning worship, and the following day the Christchurch Pre School gave their own nativity play. Rather more than 10 people attended!

There are around 20 churches in Bexhill (and Ninfield and Hooe) that are members of Churches Together in Bexhill and this encourages and supports church families in their worship and outreach. We don’t always get it right but we do try, and the support given to the wider community (whether Christian, other faiths or none) is invaluable.

I suspect that Mr Lynott was exaggerating to make a point, but he would always be welcome at any church and see what is really going on and how they are trying to plan for the future (timings can be found weekly in this paper and we are grateful for this helpful, weekly coverage).

And, yes, this will mean fewer churches in the future, not to raise cash, but to make the remainder even more effective.

Barry Turnwell

Salvington Crescent


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