LETTER: Consider what to take over

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The organisers of moves for better local governance for Bexhill need to note the recent events in Newick, near Lewes.

Conscientious parish and local councillors resigned their positions, when their carefully researched and formally adopted Neighbourhood Plan for where to site new housing was overturned at a stroke, when a developer discovered a loophole that could be used and central government seemed inclined to allow him to do so.

Trevor Leggo, Chief Executive of the Sussex Associations of Local Councils, when he visited Bexhill Town Forum, stated categorically that a Bexhill Town Council could take over planning and we hear some banging on about the fact area committees could take over planning, but they fail to see that power over planning lies ultimately with the national government.

Others would like to see a town council take back the De la Warr Pavilion. The possibility of taking back this expensive national treasure needs careful consideration of the potential burdens on Bexhill of increasing costs to run it and preserve the fabric of the building.

I am very much in favour of a Bexhill Town Council, but I think we need to think very carefully about what it would be a good idea for the town council to control.

Carole Woodland

Cooden Drive


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