LETTER: Free-for-all is now over

Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on being elected leader of the Labour party.

Honesty is coming back to politics and at long last the forces of reaction are also going to be challenged.

The right can’t spin its way out of this any more than can a hostile media.

And if PM David Cameron thinks life at the dispatch box is going to be a doddle, he couldn’t be more mistaken.

The greatest benefit of all is that the death grip of Conservative orthodoxy will be broken.

It is the beginning of the end for a free-for-all which has trashed our country for over three decades; our mining, steel, shipbuilding and manufacturing, our agriculture and energy.

Local democracy, too, has been all but crushed, in thrall to developers, land owners and mega corporations.

Now, time has been called and the fight back begins.

Stephen Jackson

Albert Road