LETTER: Hospital staff were brilliant

Keyboard SUS-160615-124004001
Keyboard SUS-160615-124004001

Having spent 16 years, within the ambulance service as a patient transport driver/care assistant, I felt I have a good knowledge of the hospital and the pressures presented within it.

Unfortunately, over the past couple of months, I have had a serious illness and become an in patient, now looking from the inside out.

In fact my route has been the same on two occasions. A&E – into AAU – through ITU – onto the ward.

I just felt compelled to congratulate everyone I have come into contact with on the outstanding loyalty, care treatment, compassion... the list goes on.

The place is spotless, the food is fine, the tea is plentiful – I could not of asked for more.

I was obviously very poorly. The team on ITU and Baird ward have excelled in my case and I’m now feeling better. Just a massive humble thank-you to all.

John McCleave

Ambulance Transport Service

Norfolk close


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