LETTER: If we have to pay, make it cheap

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I have lived in the neighbourhood for over 30 years, 15 in Sedlescombe and 16 here in Bexhill and this town has become a giant car park over the past few years.

Last year I spoke to my councillor in Collington and was told the council was going to discus the problem early in the year, but as usual nothing was done.

At 86 and with a walking problem I have a Blue badge, but I still cannot park near to the shops, except in Western Road and even here many cars park without displaying a badge.

When I was on the Conservative committee in Collington some years ago I suggested paid parking or get another warden, but this idea was thrown out.

The council spent all that money on the front and still would not get two wardens and keep this town viable.

I do not go into the town now because of this problem.

Please bring back the wardens and if there is to be paid car parking make it a reasonable amount and the people will come back to Bexhill shops.

I shop in Little Common and the council decided to make a free car park into a pay and display, now all the side streets are full of cars and the car park empty.

Where is the sense in that, greed by this council. I hope now with the problem also in Battle and Rye this will be looked into very quickly .

If we have to pay, make it cheap please.

Joan Winchester

Cooden Drive


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