LETTER: Where’s group for other voters?

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Keyboard SUS-160615-124004001

I refer to the letter last week inviting Remainers (or as they are now known as ‘The 48 per cent’) to join one of the now many Facebook groups.

I am wondering where such trauma support groups exist for people like me who are members of the 63.1 per cent - or to put it another way, one of the voters on the losing side that did not vote Tory in the last 2015 Election.

Or, if you want to also include all those who did not vote at all, one of the 76 per cent of the adult population who did not vote for this Conservative Government.

Unfortunately that is democracy when, like our American cousins, you live in a country (Hillary Clinton polled more votes than Trump) which has a electoral system that can disenfranchise millions of voters.

So on a flimsy mandate this Government, with a minority 36.9 per cent vote and on a manifesto that many of their own supporters have probably not actually read, has licence to go ahead and spend millions of pounds of tax payers money on white elephants such as HS2 and Trident Renewal, Foreign Aid, Annual Sovereign Grants (and Buckingham Palace refurbishments) to name but a few, instead using the money to tackle children’s mental health, to put more police on our streets, to create more nursing jobs and to alleviate our chronic housing crisis and give the homeless some dignity and a roof over their heads.

Philip Madden

Hastings Road


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