Make sure trees don’t get too tall

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Carole Woodland, Cooden Drive, Bexhill

Trees tend to be an emotive subject. There are those who believe they should be preserved at all costs and others who believe that the safety and good of humans should always come first.

After an oak tree in a public space fell on a house in Crawley, we should all be wary, whether the trees are in public spaces or in our gardens.

I am a lover of trees, but they need to be in the right place. If they are too close to the house I tend to be rather twitchy about them and try to ensure they do not grow too tall.

I am also a lover of light and do not like it if trees deprive me of light while I am working indoors.

A friend of mine allowed a tree near her house to grow tall right outside her dining room.

Now, even she accepts it is too tall, but because access to her house is difficult, it will cost her a thousand pounds to have it felled.

You sometimes only have to turn your back on them for a few years to allow them to grow beyond a manageable height.

After the incident with the oak in Crawley, we need to take heed and look out for signs of fungus attacking the roots of our trees wherever they are.

Before the storms arrive and before our trees grow too tall, or fall because their roots are being attacked by fungus, let us look closely and if necessary urge others to take action.