MP does not speak for me when he wants the next big building project to start Bexhill

From: Michael Healey, Alford Way, Bexhill on Sea

I note recent articles in your excellent paper where our local Member of Parliament Mr H.Merriman makes much comment on the lack of progress in the next planned building project for Bexhill residents to suffer 1,000 plus new builds.

Has Mr Merriman any real idea what this project when completed will add to sheer chaos that now already exists in Bexhill?

It can be summarised: town centre will become the wild west for parking, doctors’ lists full, schools full, police service hopeless, the only outstanding service the Conquest Hospital!

I say to the Honourable Member for Bexhill and Battle you do not speak for me and maybe I will request the greedy developers could move the project near to your residence!