MPs should put the country’s interests before the constituency’s - that’s what Winston Churchill said

Sir Winston Churchill SUS-171018-125546001
Sir Winston Churchill SUS-171018-125546001

From: Emily Leach, Woodville Road, Bexhill

A letter published by the Bexhill Observer, April 5, revealed a common misapprehension about the role of MPs in our Parliamentary system.

This idea also appeared at a recent meeting convened by Huw Merriman MP; an MP is not tasked or delegated by a majority group of voters to fulfil their will alone, like for example a Trade Union delegate.

MPs are elected to represent and take account of the welfare and interests of all their constituents. This is not my opinion; it is clearly stated on the Parliament website.

Most MPs describe their role as representing the interest and concerns of all their constituents in the Houses of Parliament.

The RT Hon. Sir Winston Churchill (March 26, 1955) said: ‘The first duty of a Member of Parliament is to do what he thinks in his faithful and disinterested judgement is right and necessary for the honour and safety of Great Britain.

His second duty is to his constituents of whom he is the representative and not the delegate’.

Like Mr Griffiths our MP does not always vote exactly as I would personally wish, this is not his role.

By definition he cannot do the bidding of each and every person he is tasked to represent.

Nevertheless his efforts to be fair to all and take an even handed and thoughtful approach are impressive. He has explained clearly his strategy and beliefs regarding Brexit including his voting record. He is prepared to take on a difficult job at the present time.

I am also mindful of appeals by security and other leaders to refrain from inflammatory language at a time of real national difficulty.