My district councillor motto is ‘people before politics’ for St Mark’s, Bexhill

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Cllr Kathy Harmer, Meads Road, Little Common

My sincere thanks to all residents in St Marks Ward who braved the cold and voted for me as their District Councillor on January 10. I am honoured to serve you.

In contrast to an overwhelming campaign from our opposition, we are self funded, one leaflet/manifesto (written from the heart and honest) and knocked on every door possible... my message, simple: I am Independent, local, passionate about community, and have free will to act on behalf of my residents without political pressure. Special thanks also to the amazing team who helped canvass, what a team of like-minded folk! And we have to do it all again in May!

I urge everyone to look for their local Independent candidate, they are good people whom have stepped up to represent you with the same principles – our motto “people before politics”.

PS I think we did Cllr Stuart Earl proud!