Need a long-term funding solution for social care

From: Cllr Charles Clark, Kinver Lane, Bexhill

The government has known for many years that we are all living longer, and the cost of adult social care would rise.

But they had no plan to fund it, at a time when demand is increasing, their response has been to cut funding to county councils.

We cannot continue to keep increasing the council tax to meet the shortfall, that is not fair on our residents.

Many of us will need support in our old age. Also, people with disabilities are living longer, which is good.

Life is getting harder for the elderly. Closure of Post Offices and reduction in bus services have not helped.

We need to look after our own people, and put our house in order in this country.

Every winter, old people die from cold-related illnesses, because they could not afford to heat their homes. This cannot be right!

The government needs to find a way to fund adult social care at a level it requires, because at the moment, their actions are putting vulnerable and sick people at risk.

We can’t keep expecting residents to pay more council tax, when we continue to cut services we provide.

I believe the government will resort to increasing income tax on national insurance contributions.

The present situation cannot continue, there has to be a long-term funding solution.