Never has so little taken so long

Whilst sitting waiting at the temporary traffic lights outside the De La Warr Pavilion for what seems like the umpteenth time, I glanced up and saw that these works are programmed to take 18 weeks. “What can be going on I mused? Is this work related to that eight lane super highway known as the Link road, or is it involving significant gas mains or sewer replacement works” - No! It’s just kerbing and paving to construct traffic calming measures. The works programme seems inordinately long and watching progress on a daily basis it would be fair to surmise that no-one is exactly “busting a gut”! In Germany or Japan this work would take no longer than 18 days and probably be of far greater quality (some of the tarmacking looks awful with a poor distribution of stones).

My main point is however, that before starting these costly and lengthy works why did no-one examine the adjacent roads as it would have been patently obvious that the carriageways are in such poor condition that it is impossible to drive at any speed without damaging one’s tyres and steering. Indeed, the road at the roundabout of Egerton Road resembles the aftermath of the Somme.

Rather than embarking on these “nice to have” works and using up taxpayers money before the end of the financial year, wouldn’t the funding have been better spent on general road maintenance?

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